Title: Andrea Migno focuses on new challenges for Moto3 and being guided by Valentino Rossi

Author: Sienna Wedes

Andrea Migno is ready to make his mark in Austin, Texas and finish at the top of the results. He has had top ten finishes in the last two races but wants to excel even further for himself and the Sky Racing Team VR46 Moto3 Team. MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi has been observing his team closely and wanting to obtain a higher level of success in the Moto3 class. Rossi is aware of how competitive the riders are in 2017 with his advice and opinions on offer to assist the riders as much as possible.

  1. What have you been working on since Argentina to prepare for the race at Austin, Texas?

After the Argentina race, we went back at home just for a few days. I spent some days with my family and friends for Easter but did not forget training, going to the gym, making my way to Rossi’s Ranch and all the other stuff in order to be ready for Texas.

  1. Can you describe what it is like racing for the Valentino Rossi brand of Sky Racing Team VR46?

I am really proud to be part of this family – I mean the Academy and the Sky Racing Team VR46. It is a group of incredible professionals: they help us in every phases of our growth path giving 100% always.

  1. There is a photograph of you watching Valentino Rossi closely at the ranch. What was he discussing/talking about with you?

I saw this pic on Twitter! Nothing strange. It was just a technical discussion about the Ranch, no nothing more. It was just different points of view between two riders.

  1. Does Valentino Rossi have direct input in your racing techniques, learning new skills and direction for a race weekend?

As you can imagine, he is really busy during the race weekend, but when he has time, he goes on the track to watch us during the sessions and gives some tips to us etc. Also we have Idalio Gavira at our disposal. He is a former rider and helps us to improve our riding style whilst also watching us on the track.

  1. Can you describe how different the 2017 class of Moto3 is compared to last year especially with Joan Mir and John McPhee chasing the title?

Comparing to last year – there was not a big change, technical change I mean. A couple of riders made a great job during the pre-season and now they are really fast.

  1. You finished 6th in Qatar and 5th in Argentina. Does this make you excited for the World Championship Title?

We have to keep concentrated and continuing on working in this direction and achieving important points for the Championship. It is too early – just the second race – but for sure we will give our best and then we will see what can happen!

Credit: Sky Racing Team VR46 – Milagro​

Credit: Sky Racing Team VR46 – Milagro​

Credit: Sky Racing Team VR46 – Milagro​

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