Title: Bagnaia “Moto2 has a very big weight difference compared to Moto3”

Author: Myanna Wedes

Francesco (Pecco) Bagnaia is really aiming to get better in the Moto2 class so that his competitiveness increases and the chances of top finishes in the top ten are more realistic. He is working hard and looks to his team members and coaches for constant inspiration. Valentino Rossi has a talented bunch of riders in his pocket and knows that Pecco is very capable of winning considering his growth during the Moto3 World Championship. As we know Moto2 is a big learning curve and a jump and one that Pecco does not take to lightly. He is aware of what it takes to be the best and has been observing Morbidelli with a close eye. That is what we call Moto2 intelligence!

1. How does it feel racing with the Sky VR46 brand?

I am really happy to be back at Sky Racing Team VR46. We spent a season together in 2014, and then I moved to Aspar Team, where I made a great step forward for my career and now I am here again for a bigger step to the new category. Thanks to VR46 Riders Academy and also the Sky Racing Team VR46, I was able to make – step-by-step – important improvements. They follow us in every stage of our preparation and also during the GPs. We have the opportunity to work alongside great professionals – in an familiar atmosphere- and I am really proud to be part of this project. And also, of course, training with Valentino is unique!

2. What are your goals for the first European round of the 2017 Championship?

Here in Jerez – thanks to the data collected during the winter pre season – We can be closer to the top guys since the first free practices. Honestly, I have to say that Top10 is my goal, but I want also make a lot of laps. I saw the last three races on TV and Morbidelli made something different compared to the other opponents. I have to understand exactly what I have to do to try to reduce the gap – so I need to ride as much I can. I am confident that we are able to better manage the race distance with the tyre.

3. In terms of Valentino Rossi running the team, how does he work in with you during a race weekend?

Obviously, He has a lot to do – It is race weekend also for him! But he is always close to us, sometimes. For example, he goes to the service road during the FP, he comes to the garage or he texts us. We always feel his support and also we have an incredible crew of professionals that take care about us.

4. What has been the biggest change since coming in to Moto2?

Compared to Moto3, I have to say the weight and also the power of the bike. In Moto2, you have much more data and you can play a little be more with electronics. Also the tyres are completely different: you have to manage the rear tyre. When you are exiting the corner you have to spin with the tyre and open the gas as soon as possible for not to lose power. It is completely another story compared to Moto3.

5. Your growth as a rider has been superb. What areas of your riding did you change to become so much more competitive?

I made a great step forward compared to the national Championships. I think the biggest changes are the breaking points. I made a specific training to improve my feeling in braking and this hard work was really useful last year and also this year in Moto2.

6. Confidence is a very important quality to have. How do you stay at 100% peak performance? 

We are riders – It is always fundamental to give our 100%. We are lucky: our biggest passion is our job, so we are always motivated to give our maximum. You know, if all is going ok, it is easier, but if you are struggling on Friday and the you are able to be fast on Sunday it is fantastic.

7. From your point of view, how is your Moto2 journey going so far? Room to improve?

I have a different rooms of improvement: first of all, experience. Then breaking points and feeling in the exit of the corners. 

Credit: Sky Racing Team VR46

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