Jack Miller must learn are the key words from Lucio Cecchinello on Jack Miller and his MotoGP adventures for 2015. Lucio spoke exclusively with the official MotoGP website about his current team and the direction for 2015 with both Jack Miller and Cal Crutchlow. It is interesting to see what Lucio says about the physical characteristics of a MotoGP rider. Jack completed his physical test in the C.A.R centre in Barcelona where he was surprised by Jack Miller’s results. In fact, Jack is fitter than what most had first thought. This is a very important part of being a MotoGP rider. The physical conditioning of Moto3 is completely different to MotoGP. Therefore, Jack already has an advantage with being stronger than what most would have given him credit for. 

Jack like others undertakes motocross training three to four times a week. This is crucial because it helps to develop a riders muscles, strength and endurance. From our perspective here at FORMULA Magazine we are sure that Jack is on the right track to obtaining optimum performance. Arm strength is number one on a MotoGP bike as we have seen over time. The last thing you want is an injury or arm pump syndrome. 

According to Lucio, Jack will be focusing on his neck muscles and triceps which are essential and a prerequisite for riding a MotoGP bike. He needs to be in perfect shape. The same can be said for Formula One drivers and tennis players. If you are not 100%, then the results are not going to be a clear reflection of the talent.

Lucio was asked about the 2015 customer Honda Bike, the RC213V-RS that has just been uncovered at Sepang which Jack has been allowed to test as a result of him being a rookie. The test is vital to the development of the bike and rider. It has spec Magneti Marelli ECU software and the entire CWM-LCR Honda MotoGP team are working around the clock to understand its operation. Whilst they attend to this, Jack is learning the configuration of the bike and how to manoeuvre around. The track at Sepang was not as clean as it could be on the first day, so that was a challenge the team had to contend with. Every day is a learning curve. 

In a previous interview with Lucio, the FORMULA team discovered how his MotoGP team operates and the structure. For 2015, it will run like it did with Stefan Bradl but instead he has been replaced with Cal Crutchlow and there has been no technical staff change regarding the management of the Factory Option bike. Whereas, for Miller, his crew will be headed by Cristian Gabarrini who worked with Casey Stoner and top class HRC technicians. 

Contractually, Jack has a three year deal with HRC which is great news for Australian fans and also Jack himself who wants to develop as a championship contender in years to come. This allows him to grow in confidence knowing his future is secure. Mental strength for a rider is critical to success. Lucio has stated that the electronics Jack is using will be increased in doses. 

For example, they are aware of what Jack needs to do in order to be competitive. During the test, the electronic aids that can be in place have been restricted by Lucio and the team in order for Jack to understand them. He needs to fight to the extreme with the bike first before aids are put into gear. Lucio puts it perfectly “Once he has adapted his style and body to the bike and finds the natural limit with it, we will then give him more electronics in small doses.”

Once Jack can tame the CWM-LCR Honda beast, his chances of success increase. A rider who is nervous and unable to gain confidence is not going to be the right package for a team that wants to win. Jack is ready for the challenge and is going to prove to others why he is the real deal. Go Jackass!

Credit: CWM-LCR Honda MotoGP Team

Credit: CWM-LCR Honda MotoGP Team

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