Title: Chatting To The Media – Cal Crutchlow & Jonas Folger

Author: Sienna Wedes

At either ends of the spectrum you have the pros and the rookies. Cal Crutchlow the pro has found the three days of testing to be positive but not easy. The LCR Honda team have worked tirelessly to keep working in a direction where the Honda’s potential is highlighted. Although a process, the potential is acknowledged and Cal Crutchlow is happy thus far. The three days of testing prove that you have to keep working hard and finding the areas in which you can improve to ensure that when the race day comes around the best possible outcome is within reach. 

Jonas Folger on the other hand is one of the three rookies of the season and is surprising everyone with his lap times and ability to ride the foreign MotoGP machine. Jonas Folger focused on putting in the laps to gain experience and confidence and to find the best possible set up for himself. Although he crashed on the final day of testing, it is part of learning and did his best to get back on the bike and put in a lap to wipe him clean. He, along with the other rookies have adapted quickly and will no doubt be challengers in the MotoGP class. 

Cal Crutchlow & Jonas Folger comment to the media:

Cal Crutchlow:

Q: Does the new motor give you the ability to be consistent, is it a bit easier?

It’s definitely not easy to ride. I’m sure if you ask Marc the same question we don’t actually know where we gain the lap time but keep a good lap time. We have no idea. But in general they are working hard it’s not like, it’s the second or third time on track. You have to wait and keep working and go in that direction with everybody working together because it’s a bit of a process. I think it’s got a lot more potential than what it is now which is looking encouraging but we need to work on other stuff. It seems like the other factories haven’t changed so much, they have a base from last year. The electronics are set, it’s more the riders getting use to the packages. We are happy enough, we have worked hard between the Malaysia test and now. We will have to work even harder between now and Qatar.

Q: Are you expecting Honda to roll in some new aerodynamics?

I wouldn’t worry so much about that. We have our own stuff to sort out. As far as i’m aware Honda are always trying to improve our aerodynamic package. But I don’t know but I know they are always evaluating it.

Credit: Deborah Wedes

Jonas Folger:

Q: How did you feel after your crash?

Yes, I lost a bit of confidence but I was a bit worried. I didn’t want to end the day like this. So, we put new tyres on bike number two and a full tank and we went out again and we said ok maybe we can not make a race simulation but at least I tried to make as many laps as possible. So I did 11 laps and also in the last lap I was doing 29’3 and every lap I went faster. So, it was quite positive and it was important after the crash to get the feeling back.

Q: You’ve done very well over the 3 days, have you gained more confidence from that?

Yes, I am surprised. I was surprised of the lap time that I made this morning. That was good was that we were many times close to the lap, not just one quick lap. Also we were quite constant and some use tyres we were able to set up electronic setting which worked really well on used tyres and which will be really important for the race.

Q: Has how well you’ve done in the last 2 tests change your targets and expectations once you start racing?

No, I think I have to stay calm and don’t expect too much. It’s just testing, in the race everything can change. But, I think we surprised ourselves and some people so, it’s good. I’m very happy.

Q: Do you think the way you and the other moto2 riders have been performing shows how strong riders are from that class?

Yes, it’s nice, it’s nice because almost every rookie is adapting quite fast and it’s nice. So, that means that Moto2 is quite high level for sure. Sure it will be really tough because Rins will be there in the race fighting with me for sure. I am really sure, he is a really strong racer and also Johann is very constant. If everything comes together Johann is also fast no doubt.

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