Title: Andrea Dovizioso “Today was a shock”

Author: Sienna Wedes

Although he was in the top 5 today and reasonably satisfied with his result, Andrea Dovizioso didn’t hesitate to express his concern for the changes made to the Barcelona track and challenges faced with grip and safety. This concern was a widespread reoccurrence throughout the paddock with Vinales and Lorenzo sharing similar views.

We took a brief journey back to the Mugello GP to get Dovizioso’s detailed re-call of the close moment off the starting line which saw him struggling to control his wild machine “I was in the finish line and very close to the two Yamaha’s I believe. The only place I was able to go was the right side and to over take the rider on the right you have to pass in that place. But I knew in that place the jump is different because it is not one jump and dip, you have two small jumps and if you pass there you have to go with the right one. Over those two bumps with an angle created a movement but I didn’t expect that movement, it was too much. At the time the third movement had a lot of energy and at the time I was just thinking I have to wait a little bit because I couldn’t improve the bike. That answer was good and fortunately the brake answered the right way. When I hit the brake I was able to stop. If you see the digital I opened a little bit my strain on my hand and legs, this is experience from motor cross because if you don’t strain too much the bike the answer of the bike is better.”

Jumping to today, Dovizioso was straight to the point highlighting the issues not only himself but many riders faced in FP1 and FP2 “Today was a shock, you start to ride this track in these conditions. We did the test so we already know that. Also to start again, it is very difficult to ride the bike in this condition because the bump is unbelievable and the grip is very low because the asphalt is very damaged. For everybody it is very difficult. The test a month ago for sure helps because you have a base. I think it is the reason why it was bad today. We have to wait for tomorrow because we have to see if we are able to improve the bike with these conditions because the track compared to last year is even worse. “

Day one conjured up plenty of questions about the new chicane as many riders seem to struggle and even some finding themselves unable to keep the bike up straight. Dovizioso expressed his concern “My opinion is, unfortunately it is not nice but this is not the key. I think with the space we have is where the bad things can happen. The fast corner, there is not enough. The wall is too close. For sure there is a problem like the crash and we already spoke about this in the safety commission. The problem is the beginning of the curb is very low and at the end it is a little bit higher. You are able to go through the curb so everybody in the practice tried to cut because if you try to cut the curb you are fast. It is easy to lose the front in the first corner, it is very quick, very fast and the bike will go off the track. This is not safe. I don’t have the solution but in the safety commission in Mugello I explained that. The problem is, if we have a higher curb, it is better because nobody will cut the curb. But if you have a higher curb and you crash the curb before you hit the curb. So, it is difficult to find the solution. We will speak again today in the safety commission. In this moment I believe this is the best compromise because it means safety. We have no solution. If you put the higher curb it is dangerous. I hope today we can find something different today in the safety commission.”

Tyre degradation was another factor that played into Ducati’s challenges for FP1 and FP2 with tyres dropping quick than expected. The solution, yet to be made. “After 4 laps more or less you can drop more or less 1 second. After that more and more. It is not so easy to manage. At the end the front became better to manage because when you don’t have the grip on the rear you go to use more of the front. The grip is very low. I think it was one of the most beautiful tracks in our championship, but like this it is not nice to ride, not so fun.”

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