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Title: Alvaro Bautista very happy with Ducati performance and Sepang Test

Alvaro Bautista is one of the most experienced riders in the paddock based on how long he has been in the sport of MotoGP. It appears the Spanish rider has found a good home for 2017 with the Pull&Bear Aspar MotoGP Team.

Bautista put on a strong show during day three at the Sepang test with a lap time in the 1.59’s that was impressive considering his previous campaign with the Aprilia Gresini MotoGP Team. Alvaro is really excited about riding the Ducati machine as it feels good and is responding well to his riding style.

The objective is clear: go fast and bag points to keep developing the bike.

Q: Alvaro, how would you describe today’s performance being so far up the time sheets?

Alvaro: Well today has been really good because yesterday we worked a lot with the feeling of the bike and my pace and to become comfortable on the bike. Today, I tried to do a fast lap and I did some laps in the two minutes and I can say that today has been a really positive day. I was even able to push more and go faster. 

Q: How did you manage to do such a fast lap? The tyres? The chassis?

Alvaro: It is just the feeling with the bike. Each time there is more feeling and more feeling. At the end if you feel comfortable and you have confidence, you can push hard and the time is coming.

Q: The key differences to what you were riding last year with the Aprilia?

Alvaro: Everything is completely different. It is a different bike. This bike has a really powerful engine and you have to ride to have the maximum performance of the engine. It is a different way to ride. The bike suits my riding style very good. From the first time I rode this bike I felt good.

Q: With picking the bike up out of the corners, do you notice a big difference with the power? 

Alvaro: Yes (smiles and laughs). It is exciting. Now I feel that when I go out of the corner it goes woo and it helps me a lot.

Q: What else will you be working on today and if the weather holds off? 

Alvaro: Yes we will ride. If it is wet I would like to make some laps with it like I did on the first day because we found something that we can improve. If it is dry we still have a couple of things we have to try.

Q: Will the same focus be for Phillip Island as well or will you try something different?

Alvaro: Our goal is to have good pace on the bike. From the Jerez test in November we did not change the bike a lot, almost nothing. This is important to have good pace because from the first moment, I felt comfortable from him. The target is to arrive to Phillip Island to have the same feeling. We don’t want to change a lot of the bike and go fast. Now, in the test, we have a lot of time to set up the bike but in the race weekend you only have forty-five minutes in practice so it is not easy. If you arrive to the grand prix with good pace, everything is easier.

Q: What did you do in the off-season to be ready and prepared for 2017? 

Alvaro: Like always I try physically really hard because then when the season starts, it is more difficult to train hard so I just spend my time with my family and friends whilst training hard.

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