Title: Johann Zarco plans to enjoy himself and find confidence onboard the Monster Tech3 Yamaha

Author: Sienna Wedes  

MotoGP Rookie Johann Zarco took to the Phillip Island track eager to impress and continue his progression into the premier class. With Phillip Island presenting it’s wonderful sunny weather Monster Tech 3 Yamaha and Johann Zarco were able to head out on track, put the laps in and find a balance where he could enjoy himself and ensure that they made progress over the course of the three day test.

The jump from Moto2 to MotoGP has been a positive one so far. Along with his fellow Moto2 riders Rins and Folger, Zarco is willing and able to make sure that his season is rode to the best of his ability. These three riders will surely be battling it out if the testing results show anything. His focus is to continue to improve and find that feeling on the bike which he ultimately enjoys.   

Johann Zarco comments to the media:

Q: How are you feeling over the course of the 3 days of testing at Phillip Island and putting in the laps?

Step by step I would be able to do 15 laps, the second or third day I could maybe do two or three times 20 laps. Race is 27. But, first I need to get a handle on the control and we will be able to push. If you are nervous you go down and it’s not the time.

Q: Do you look forward to a race simulation here during testing?

It’ll help me for the race but it’s a different circuit that you can’t not monitor your problems. Maybe in this case I can use better for this quality.

Q: What was it like with the wind out there today, did you find it challenging?

Well the MotoGP compared to the Moto2 bike even strong wind is easier with MotoGP than Moto2. Moto2 is a little bit more light and you can feel that it is moving too much, now the MotoGP has really good stability so, even with strong winds maybe you go slow, but sure not too much scared.

Q: What were the tyres like out there today testing with Michelin?

Always for me I can compare with my experience in Moto2 and I can feel that the tyres are really made for this circuit. It’s really good for the confidence and to push because it’s more safe when you lean the bike and you have grip. It’s more safe.

Q: What are your plans for the last day of testing and before you get to Qatar?

At the moment the plan is feel the bike, improve on the bike, don’t change a lot of things on it. Just small things, that the team can understand maybe the way I like the set up. Not so big a plan, it’s more do laps, enjoy and improve the confidence.

Credit: Deborah Wedes

Credit: Deborah Wedes

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