Title: Jorge Lorenzo becoming more confident with time and proud of Michele Pirro’s performance within their Ducati team

Author: Myanna Wedes

Jorge Lorenzo’s performance in qualifying ended up with him in 7th position on the grid after a very hot track session at Mugello, Italy.

Lorenzo is totally aware of where the Ducati machine can go and is aiming to get closer to the top of the grid. His previous records at Mugello are very good and tomorrow’s race is going to be everything the fans want it to be: a show that features the top riders going head to head with one another for the Mugello honours.

Question: You have said that you require more time to get set up, is that happening?

Jorge: I am very happy even with the new setting that we tried today. Honestly, we still have not solved the main problem but I am satisfied. I was not explosive for one lap this afternoon in qualifying. However, I think I have one of the best pace especially in the first part of the race.

Question: Jorge, where your teammates qualified today, does that give you more confidence with how you start the race tomorrow?

Jorge: Well it depends on this track. You know I was not really explosive for one lap and didn’t push so much with new tyres. When I was in Montmelo, I improved so much with new tyres but today I did not improve so much like Michele or Andrea but you know the race is completely different and the race is going to be much slower and with the tyres we are better than ever and I think we will try to stay ahead for tomorrow.

Question: Do you think it is possible to get a podium here?

Jorge: Well, more than a podium, I would like to make a start and to be able to have a similar pace with the top guys. I want to improve this by finishing first. If I could finish very close to the winner of the race that would be good.

Question: You said you could not really push for a hot lap in qualifying.. do you not feel comfortable?

Jorge: No. I feel more comfortable than ever. There is not enough to take pole position with the tyres. There is something still that we miss. Yamaha for example improve by one second whereas I improved by half a second or six tenths. That is the difference. When we look on pace there is not so much of a big difference.

Question: Was it the right strategy to use three stops? Would it have been better to try two runs?

Jorge: I have a lot of confidence when I exit the pits. For my riding style, it was the best strategy.

Question: Having Michele Pirro here, is it more help or more competition?

Jorge: I am really happy for him. Of all riders to finish in front of me, if it is Michele, I am happy. I would prefer to finish in front of him though! He is doing a good job for the team and the best riders with difference and it is a good time in one week. Tomorrow if he is able to stay there and be consistent, do a good race and it will be good.

Question: Are you lacking because Pirro usually spots for you?

Jorge: Well he cannot go to every race but sometimes we watch the videos together and we speak about the bike.

Question: You said you may struggle in the second half of the race, what about the first half?

Jorge: We have to know how the rear tyre drops and reacts with the bike compared to everyone else. For the first 5, 10 to 15 laps I think we can be competitive. We will have to see what happens in the second part but doing a race simulation in the test, I was really consistent, so we look to be consistent tomorrow.

Question: You swapped between two bikes during qualifying, when you have two bikes with identical set ups, do you feel a slight difference between the two of them?

Jorge: Well this time I feel a lot of difference especially in the engine because it was in another bike. For the straight more power but we have to see what we gain in the straight and see what we use for the corner speed and determine what is the right bike.

Credit: Myanna Wedes

Credit: Myanna Wedes

Credit: Myanna Wedes

Credit: Myanna Wedes

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