Title: Marc Marquez “Everybody is struggling, not just me”

Author: Sienna Wedes

Day two of the Barcelona Grand Prix and the Catalan Circuit has managed to get the better of various riders during Saturday’s practice and qualifying sessions. Marc Marquez has found himself victim to the lack of grip the tarmac provides and front tyre problems. These problems seem to be a mystery to most, yet Marquez believes when race day ticks over he will be able to fight for a podium finish.

“Tomorrow we will see how it is. Looks like it’ll be hot, really warm so we need to try to find our pace, our limit and try to finish the race in the best way. I feel like we can fight for the podium because the pace is not really really bad so we can fight for the podium and we will see if we can fight for the victory or not”

In regards to the circuit being reverted back to it’s original layout “After speaking with the other riders in the Safety Commission it is true that every time someone crashed some bike was in the middle and rider. It can be dangerous. It is safe if you ride a lot. But it is true that in the race if someone crashed on the first lap it can be a disaster. The layout of Formula One, I feel ok. I feel that it is safe and I think everyone feels safe which is most important.”

The tyres in combination with his aggressive riding style seemed to inhibit him from making decent progress today “I have rear spin problems, there it is more difficult to crash because we have some controls and we can manage with the gas. With the front it is always much more critical and today especially in the afternoon the track was really critical. But, I didn’t feel really bad. I crashed many times but the qualifying practice crash I was too aggressive only. The track was not ready to be like this and I didn’t understand why and I pushed too much. That was the mistake.”

Although he had issues with tyres today, Marquez is imminent that he and his team will battle through the struggle everyone is experiencing and use the best strategy to gain the best position on race day. “With the compound we are a little bit the same as with the other races. I mean the tyre that you use in the morning with 30 degrees on the track cannot be the same tyre that you use with 50 degrees. Already in the morning I use the hard one because the other one is too soft, in the afternoon I use the same one because I don’t have any other option. This is the main reason why we are struggling with the front. Everybody is struggling, not just me. It is a circuit that is very demanding and tomorrow in the race we try to manage well in the best situation and try to be smooth and try to be in a good pace during the whole race.” 

The tyres drop for everybody. I think the strategy is try to be smooth but of course everybody is struggling I think the race will be difficult. But it looks like the one, always a little bit that is the best to manage because he pushes the tyres less is Dani. He is really light and very smooth with his riding style. He is managing quite well. Tomorrow we need to understand where he is faster like in Jerez. We need to finish second and if we need to we will fight.

Marquez is not one to give into the fear of a crash or the damages done “You loose a little bit of confidence. So I go out.. crash, limit, I crash, the limit again. Tomorrow of course I will push again, I mean today of course I took a lot of risks and crashed a few times but honestly I prefer to start with four crashes than to start in 10th with no crashes. It is the way but also was good to understand that tomorrow we need to be really patient.”

Credit: Myanna Wedes

Credit: Myanna Wedes

Credit: Repsol Honda MotoGP Team

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