Title: Maverick Vinales has no solution to poor Friday practice performance

Author: Myanna Wedes

Maverick Vinales struggled completely with his bike and set up on Friday with the Spanish rider making reference to the tyres, how the bike is reacting and being absolutely confused by the lack in overall performance. The soft tyre is good for him although not at the maximum. The medium tyre is almost impossible to ride and this was clear in practice session two when he finished in seventeenth place.

Maverick was asked about how he felt with the front tyres and it was a key indicator of the lack of pace he has after day one at Barcelona-Catalunya.

Maverick Vinales: “You can see from the results about how I feel with the tyres. Something amazing. I cannot understand because in Mugello, FP1, I exit, do three laps and feel great with the bike. Good belief with both tyres. This morning with the soft tyre it was working good. This afternoon with the medium it was impossible to ride the bike. If I did the race with that tyre, I would crash for sure. There was zero grip! We are experiencing spinning and even with new tyres. I do not understand. The bike is not turning. It is moving around a lot.”

If you were to ask Maverick about the feeling of the bike his answered would be: “I have no feeling. I just don’t know”. He was not able to describe anything, as the feeling was not there whatsoever. For Maverick, the corners are right and left. “When I exit the corners, the bike is not turning. It is very strange for our bike. I said to my engineer, something is happening here.” As a result, it is going to be very important for the Spanish rider leading the World Championship to be ready for tomorrow’s sessions and qualifying as Lorenzo, Rossi, Marquez and Pedrosa look to chop down the lead gap.

His thoughts on the new chicane were also very interesting and in line with Andrea Dovizioso and Jorge Lorenzo. Maverick Vinales: “The chicane is a good point for my riding style. Today without feeling, something is wrong. The bike is the same as Mugello. There is nothing different. I feel that I cannot stop properly and there is a lack of turning here with the bike in the corners. The new chicane though is dangerous after what happened to Baz. It is a very strange chicane if you crash”. It is very crucial that the manoeuvres through the chicane are clean as Vinales makes reference to qualifying and if someone crashes or you are in the middle of the pack during that session. “If you see the bike in the middle, you cut the chicane, then everyone has to slow down and in qualifying you do not want to slow down, you want to push for the entire lap. If you crash in the second corner, you stay in the middle for sure. Last year we had the wall close. It is dangerous for me now. I want to try and ask to change because I do not want to see myself in the middle. Also, now it is FP1 and FP2. Imagine when it is FP3 and you are eleventh and then on the last lap and you crash in front. It is difficult to slow down when you are pushing.”

It appears that when Loris Baz crashed this sent shockwaves through the paddock and made the riders very aware of the risks involved in two-wheel motor racing. “I think the chicane is worse than last year. I prefer the old chicane.” Right now it sounds like the Safety Commission is not going to make any changes as this key chicane upgrade was due to the death of Luis Salom last year. It is a controversial subject and with that said Maverick will do his best whilst trying to find a solution for the spinning because at this stage, there is not one for the Yamaha rider.

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