polepositiontravel.com is part of the Pole Position Travel group of web sites dedicated to providing travel solutions for motorcycle fans world wide. We are a UK company with most operations based in Prague. We have a strong private financial base, and we like to think a great and knowledgeable team with local representation in Czech Republic, Italy, USA, Australia. We are seeking Spanish and French reps for our expansion there.

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We enjoy a close working relationship with circuits and other suppliers to bring you the best possible experience.

We will attend every MotoGP, and we are in all VIP Villages as well as our private hospitality units at several events, giving you the assurance that there is someone on hand. We can handle groups, clubs, corporate hospitality, and of course simply individuals. If you have a special request, please Contact us.

Pole Position Travel SE is a European Join-stock company with seat in Prague, Czech Republic and a subsidiary company in the UK. Most of our team now reside in lovely Prague.

Brief history

Following a pilot in Brno 2002, our first commercial event was in 2003 when we brought over 500 people to Brno Czech Republic under our flagship travel web site www.BrnoGrandPrix.com

In 2004 we had over 800 customers in Brno, and brought people to the new track in Qatar (www.Qatar-GrandPrix.com).

In 2005 we had nearly 1400 ticketholders in Brno, and groups in Laguna Seca, Germany, the new circuit at Istanbul, Assen and Valencia. In 2006 we had the largest VIP VIllage presences in: Brno (in a private lounge), Laguna Seca, Sepang, Valencia. In Brno we had nearly 1500, with 16 buses, an opening Pig Roast at the Monasterey, a charity event at the Brewery with Randy Mamola and Steve Parish in benefit of Riders for Health, a Karting miniGP on Friday and more.

In October 2006 we took over the bookings for Valencia from the defunct company moto-events. This entailed us re-booking some 750 tickets, 80 hotel rooms, buses, ViP, reception and more in a space of 2 weeks. Several of the comments below reflect customers’ appreciation of our ‘rescue’ of their MotoGP break…

In 2007 we brought customers and attended all 18 events, developing the total portfolio of events and products. We held parties at all events, rapidly becoming one of the highlights of a GP weekend! Our largest party at Brno attracted over 400 people, despite the rain! We also started sponsorship of some riders and teams, helping us to get more ínside the sport and share this with our customers. Finally, we are proud to have been able to expand our our charity work with several events in benefit of Riders for Health and Down Syndrome Ireland (see www.charity.gp)

2008 saw us going to all events again, and consolidating our position as market leader; seeing a nearly 50% rise in turnover.

At the end of the year we launched our new ClubGP giving customers an opportunity to get ”inside” MotoGP, as well as enjoy special privileges as one of our extra-VIP customers! We expanded our charity events, and have now raised in excess of €50,000.

2009 has brought a downturn in line with the world economy, however we still find we are consistently the largest group int he VIP Villages and we have been pleasantly surprised that some of our events have done better in 2009!

We have some even cooler ideas and experiences we will be putting into place for 2010!

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the world leading destination specialist for MotoGP travel.

if you want to go to a MotoGP, or want to bring customers or clients, we will take care of all your needs. We have a specialism in VIP requirements (and a dedicated web site for this, polepositionVIP.com)

Our main customers are:

  • Individuals, families and small groups of friends.
  • Companies for incentive trips and client entertainment
  • Clubs and other loose associations of people (if you are a club travel coordinator we will make your life a lot easier!)
  • Agencies, especially those targetting their regional market (sell on commission or re-package)
  • Teams and others involved in the sport itself

We are about the largest specialist in MotoGP travel. In fact, our strength derives from our exclusive commitment to MotoGP – we don’t do anything else. This enables us to focus on the key areas of knowledge which we can pull together in bringing you the best possible experience:

  • Commitment to the sport and ‘inside’ knowledge and contact
  • In-depth, on-the-ground research into the destinations; to enhance your experience off-track as well as on.
  • We are bikers ourselves!

We appoint local ‘destination managers’ who help ensure that all goes smoothly and you get the best from your short GP weekend. Local knowledge and local language are critical to success. We speak Italian in Italy, Spanish in Spain, German in Germany, Czech in Czech Republic and even American in the USA and Australian in Australia! (Sorry, no Chinese yet, but just wait…!)

Together with our event managers, we:

  • Secure tickets in the grandstands we believe provide the best experience
  • Select hotels which offer outstanding quality and services in their range. All hotel rooms are en-suite, and we cater for different party sizes (singles, triples, families) and stays (you must only obey the minimum length requirement and stay the night before the race day – usually Saturday night) Our deluxe packages always feature the best hotel in the region to guarantee the top event experience.
  • Organise ground transport (and sometimes air!) to get you as efficiently and comfortably as possible from hotel to circuit.
  • Plan parties and cultural excursions to provide you with a full programme of activities for the weekend
  • Learn all we can about the destination to be able to help you plan your travel and maximise your weekend!

Us and your money

We appreciate that going to a MotoGP can mean a substantial outlay; not just in purchasing tickets and accommodation, but also your air travel, incidental costs and of course your planning time and committment of your precious holiday days.

We want you spend your money wisely. We will help you work within your budget, we will NEVER attempt to ‘oversell’ you, and indeed where we can suggest costs savings we will !

We promise “no traumas”. We are fully insured; and enjoy strong support from our private investors. Owing to our financial strength, we pre-pay all tickets, accommodation and other services (usually long before you arrive) so there is no danger of you losing your money — or your holiday.

Indeed, as many of our customers are painfully aware, at the failure of one agency just prior to Valencia 2006, we were able to step in 3 weeks before the event and repurchase all the tickets and hotel accommodation, and re-organise the event. To the their immense relief, some 85% of the former customers’ holiday plans were recovered.

Our Guarantees

Our guarantee to you is simple: we strive for complete satisfaction. If you have any complaint, please contact us as soon as possible.

We treat the very few complaints we get quite seriously. Nobody is perfect, and when we have made a mistake we will bend over backwards to rectify it or compensate you for inconvenience (within our terms and conditions, limited to the total value you have paid us)

While our terms and conditions state that we can’t be responsible for third party failures (typically hotel problems, issues with your tribune seat, bus breakdowns, etc.) we are here to help overcome these issues; and we will help pursue compensation where we feel it is reasonable.

As the old saying goes: if you like what we do, tell others. If you have complaints, tell us!