Title: Scott Redding’s Phillip Island Challenge 

Author: Sienna Wedes

For certain teams and riders the Phillip Island test is one of the most essential points to begin the season. For Scott Redding, the Phillip Island test has meant that he has been able to sort out some major issues with his team to ensure that the bike he rides is competitive and enjoyable. In the midst of 22 riders, Scott Redding as fought as hard as possible to put in good times and nevertheless work tirelessly over the three days to filter through issues he and the team face with his Ducati. 

As expected the days differ and this means that each team can work through problems and gradually improve the bikes to prepare for the opening round in Qatar. The Pramac Ducati Team have found themselves in high spirits with Danilo Petrucci showing true confidence and speed and continue to work hard with Scott Redding as his potential and confidence is ever increasing.

Scott Redding comments to the media:

Q: How’s the feeling on the Pramac Ducati?

I was like ‘oh no’ we are going to have another day, but then we changed a few things and then it was almost instantly better. Little step, little step and then we changed a couple of things together and boom, a completely different bike. So then it was just building confidence and more confidence to commit to that. So, now towards the end of today I could start to commit to how I wanted to ride. It was much better. The main problem we had is gone for the moment, so that made it much more ridable and start to get a rhythm and put some laps together. Improve the lap times, just now there are a couple of small things that I knew was there before but they weren’t even thinking about them. So like a little bit of chatter over the bumps and stuff. Not chatter so much, but when I hit the bumps it doesn’t absorb it. Like, turn one I go in and there is bang, bang. Last corner a little bit. So we need to work a little bit on that. Also pumping, there is also a little bit more pumping from the rear. Maybe as the track temperature came up a little bit. I don’t know if that made it a little bit worse. But in general my main feeling today has been much better.

Q: What is your mind set like coming out of last year. Are you more confident with the feeling of the bike so far?

I am more confident with my bike than myself, but I don’t yet have the full potential of the bike. In Valencia I felt a big difference with the bike which helped me. Then I sort of haven’t felt that everywhere else. It’s been better, but i’ve had other problems. In Sepang I had a lot of chatter and here it was just impossible to ride the bike yesterday. But, now it’s working and i’ve managed to match my best time from last year and I still feel like I can improve a lot with the electronic and other things but it’s just taking away that big problem we managed to have and managed to improve. So, the confidence is there. Yesterday I was really not confident in the bike because every time I shut the gas it was trying to come around but today we improved that and my confidence is coming back and I started to enjoy riding it again.

Q: Has the wind been challenging at all?

Yeah, I mean it hasn’t been too bad. It’s been a little bit better, but the only thing is a little bit in the afternoon it picks up and you feel it into 1 and turn 3 and that was my problem yesterday. I was already struggling and then when the wind turned up I actually couldn’t go around 3. It was like 4 or 5 laps I was running out of track and off the gas. But today, it was much better, even when the wind came I had the confidence and I could turn it with the spin. The wind isn’t like what we have been having at the GP weekend. It’s definitely better  to test with these conditions in Phillip Island. A little bit less wind and a little bit more temperature.

Q: Do you feel like the rate of progress with Pramac Ducati is where you want it to be?

At the moment no, if i’m honest. I just wanted to change a bit my mindset coming into this year. A lot of the time when I go testing i’m not giving everything for the one lap time. For me the time sheet is not really the most important thing. In Sepang we did a lot of laps with used tyres which was good. We did struggle to put a one lap in but it doesn’t bother me at the moment. So, this is something I have got to work on but it’s not bothering me because the most important thing for me is in the race. Last year we could sometimes do quite a good qualifying but we struggled in race distance. So, my target this year is not don’t show yourself but don’t worry if you’re not there. With the use tyres, keep working, keep working, keep working and that’s what we have been doing. So, I hope that it works in the first few races of the season.

Credit: Deborah Wedes

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