Title: Post-Race Report – Rossi fans go crazy with chainsaws, flares and fireworks

Author: Myanna Wedes

The 2017 Mugello MotoGP race was exceptional from start to finish. In the morning the chainsaws were loud as the fans packed themselves on to the hills and surrounding areas of the circuit. They camped by the road and also at the track with dancing, music, flares and fireworks. The crowd went mental for Rossi and are very passionate in every way, shape and form. It is pretty incredible to be a part of the atmosphere here at Mugello where one rider commands the attention of the crowd both outside and inside of the paddock.

The start of the race was epic. Rossi had an amazing start going directly in to the lead. The wheel pop at the start sent the crowd in to a frenzy as flags were being flown, flares being lighted and the roar of Rossi etched in everyone’s minds. Lorenzo went up in to third with so much confidence just behind Rossi and Vinales. Rossi and Lorenzo going head to head was like candy to a baby. Art in motion!! The exchanges between Rossi and Lorenzo are like the old days when they were both at Yamaha together. Lorenzo rode smooth like butter with Rossi, Vinales, Dovi, Petrucci, Marquez and Pedrosa on his tail. Rossi made a maneuverer on Lorenzo that made him sit up and pushed him back to third behind Vinales. The Ducati straight-line speed is magnificent to say the least. With 20 laps to go Lorenzo had a massive tank slapper that gave us all goose bumps.

Dovizioso who has suffering from food poisoning made his way up the ladder and kept pushing even though he was not 100%. Vinales took it to Rossi and made it stick with the Doctor, Desmo Dovi and Spartan Lorenzo chasing. Rossi went from first to third with a mix of Ducati, Yamaha and Honda in the top five. Valentino did not stop and kept the rhythm consistent! Petrucci passed Lorenzo and Zarco was flying with confidence. Pedrosa appeared to struggle with his bike and tyre selection leaving him riding in tenth behind the front-runners.

Rossi kept biting at the heels of Dovi lap after lap. Lorenzo managed to run wide and this allowed Marquez to go through in to fifth position. The Ducati rider must have lost some sort of confidence with the tank slapper earlier in the race. Vinales set the pace and pumped solid laps in to make a dent to the Rossi World Championship bid. We must say that Dovi even though not 100% stuck with Vinales, utilising his corner entry and exit speeds and the straight line power he was able to take the battle to the Yamaha manufacturer.

The race settled down with fifteen laps to go though the gap to the top five remained quite close considering the track conditions and tyre selections. Bautista also passed Lorenzo and Marquez appeared to have a rough race with his consistency lacking even in some of the practice sessions. Vinales was pushing so hard that his bike was slipping and sliding around from 340km/h to a braking zone of less than 90km/h. Can you imagine how the arms must be feeling after that for over twenty laps!! Zarco put the moves on Lorenzo and moved up in to seventh position showcasing how challenging this Mugello circuit really is. With every lap that passed, the crowd wanted more and more and more. It really is a race that makes you understand how valued the sport of MotoGP is. The top four were so close and with every ounce of effort they were trying to escape one another. Dovi flew past Vinales and this got the crowd on their feet as Rossi was also hunting down his teammate. The World Championship is at stake! Petrucci did get past Rossi and then took on Vinales. This race is Petrucci’s best dry race to date. The two Ducati riders enjoyed life at the front especially on home soil: Italian coffee, Italian pizza, Italian cake, Italian beer and more. Some people did forget that Rossi had a crash in training and his ability to race this weekend and gather some key points is a stand out effort. Dovi ended up with a decent gap to second, third and fourth place. It was pure rhythm and total focus.

The end results were: Dovi, Vinales, Petrucci, Rossi, Bautista, Marquez, Zarco, Lorenzo, Pirro, Iannone, Rabat, Redding, Folger, Barbera, Miller, Abraham, Guintoli, Baz, Lowes, Smith and those that did not finish were Crutchlow, Pedrosa and the two Espargaro brothers.

Overall, three Italian winners in all three events! What a way to end the Mugello race with Dovi the first Italian rider to win on an Italian bike at the Italian Grand Prix. Prior to the race Dovi woke up at 4am vomiting and feeling sick and by the end of the race he ended up on the top step. He focused on the rhthym and race pace. The fear of the unknown did exist. The win is special and the tears were falling as Dovi moves up in to second on the World Championship ladder.

Credit: Patrick Wedes

Credit: Patrick Wedes

Credit: Sienna Wedes

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