Myanna Wedes (left) Sienna Wedes (right)

Their roles are below for you to see what we provide free to you and who is doing the work.

We publish MotoGP News Online with the latest information on riders, teams, circuits, sponsors.

The news and images are all from accredited sources, we aim to provide the MotoGP public another angle to review with exclusives every month.

Formula Magazine originated in the late 80’s to the early 90’s as a hardcopy publication from Canada covering open-wheel racing.

Today exclusively an online portal owned and operated by The Motorsport Shop Pty Ltd on Australian ABN 31056384895.

Founding publisher: “Always looking for better market position, making sure future partners see great value in this online publication”

Publisher Patrick Wedes with 25 years of direct experience in Formula One, 500cc Grand Prix, MotorGP Publishing, Licensing, Distribution, Memorabilia and Photography

Foundation partners: “These people do all of the hard yards, sourcing stores, best photos, more exclusives, making sure we are on time and live with results as they happen”

Editor and legal services, Myanna Wedes is a Law Graduate, fluent in creative writing and one-on-one interviews (Pictured on the left dark burgundy brunette hairstyle).

Sienna Wedes manages all PR specialising with Instagram, Twitter and her own special features like “Kissing the Kerb” in August, 2014. (Pictured on the Right blue crew shirt, strawberry blonde hair)

Rhyees Wedes (photographer) please review his profile at

Debbie Wedes is our long term consultant with specialist experience also in Formula One, 500cc Grand Prix, MotorGP Publishing, Licensing, Distribution, Memorabilia and Photography.

Steve “STAVROS” Parrish has joined the team for all post race reports known as “Frankly Speaking”.

We respect and promote SAFE RIDING with the FIA and FIM policies world wide.